Earth Tribe Trust - Zambia and Kentucky  

An END to poverty and malnutrition. 

Kentucky project for the winter: Emergency shelter building
Our goal is to build this shelter first, then start working on growing and expanding with farming in the spring. This project is to have people come together with their skills, knowledge, and willingness to help make an alternative education model for the future. It will teach how to live off the land (primitive survival skills and shelter), natural building, bio-intensive growing, canning, storage and preparation of foods, aquaponics and beyond!

The property is a common trust. A Common Trust is a private, non-profit organization that as all or part of its mission, actively works to conserve land by undertaking or assisting in land or conservation easement acquisition, or by stewardship of such land easements (wikipedia)

Your more than welcomed to join us in Kentucky, even if its for a short visit. You will need your own tent and supplies. Any help is welcomed. Pictures of the land are on the Earth Tribe Trust page. If you have any questions or plan on stopping in to help message me anytime!

We are looking for heirloom seeds, rope, para cord, shovels, hammers, nails, screws, barbed wire, electrical wire, old electrical boxes, buckets with or without lids, tarps and any other building material is needed.Any books or DVDs on permaculture, subsistence agriculture, homesteading, food forests, Fukukoa, and community building is needed as well. We will use everything you donate! Even if its small , please send! Thank you!!

Send items to : 498 Jenkins Branch
Irvine, KY 40336
UPDATE: Temporary compose toliet is built and foundation for the emergancy shelter is being dig as we speak. We have tons of tiers to build the shelter.

Kentucky Update: February 14,2012
Trustees Angel Marrero, Leena Marrero, Joshua Dahler, Shannon Dahler and respective children will be moving to Kentucky.  It has begun!  John, Angel, and Joshua have spent time on the farm preparing and building the first hut and Green House.   Operation Stone Soup Push has been launched!  Pictures below.

Using Old Tires to create Tiers and save top soil from being washed away.  This was once a completely dead spot, and now in January this growth was caught on camera.

Green House going Up with the Temporary Winter Shelter and Storage in the back, and in the picture to the right you see wood cleared from the area of the Green House.