Earth Tribe Trust - Zambia and Kentucky  

An END to poverty and malnutrition. 

Healing the Earth and the people through Earth Stewardship.

Earth Tribe Trust is a Nonprofit Group. Consensus is a key operating gear for Earth Tribe Trust and Solace Farm Trust. Building of sustainable communities for the ones who need it most.

Healing Earth and the people.
Ongoing research into methods for sustainable living

Earth Tribe Trust is a non-profit common Trust (a Simple Trust) and not a land trust. This group is for those who are sincerely interested in helping co-create an off-grid self sustaining community in Kentucky. We are the self replicating T-cells of the Earth body.

Empowering people through training in Sustainable living at its most basic components. Using the earth and resources on the land to transform the Earth back into health while healing and rehabilitating people with knowledge that will insure they always have a comfortable shelter, healthy heirloom and organic foods, free energy sources, and healing medicinal herbal practices and wholesome healing.

Healthy community life where the members of the trust all have a responsibility to the community work. Helping each other build homes, gardens, composting areas, and things needed for the community. Raising chickens and other farm animals that may help the community (including Aquaponics).

We are the re-engineering of everything the masses have been thought to believe in order to control them. Healing the Earth and all life through the empowerment of the people with Earth Stewardship Knowledge that is sustainable.

  • Creating a Living Organism that will grow natural, build natural and learn with others a natural way to exist.
  • All profits, donations and funds raised will go to finding and stewarding of more land and helping more people. Solace Farm Trust and Earth Tribe Trust are a self replicating non-profit Trust that is truly grassroots.
  • Self reliance in a loose group setting seems best to us but we are open to all ideas.
  • We would like to link up with other land trusts and anyone willing to help here or abroad.
  • Only volunteers will live and work here so bankers, lawyers and profiteers need not apply.
Note: This is not a party, and instead is very wholesome hard work! Serious people only please!